You do not have to lean on your elbows when you’re having a picnic, sitting on the beach or attending a sports event. With the unique ergonomic back support of the Ergolife Stol, you will avoid back pain, bruised elbows and uncomfortable sitting positions.

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Soft and water repellent Dyna perfect for the Ergolife Stol. Easy roll Dyna up and put it in the Ergolife Stol sack. Dyna can also be used in garden chairs or on cliffs and of coarse on the ground. Bring Dyna for a day in the park!

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Filt utomhus

Filt is a unique blanket which is specially designed to keep you and your picnic area dry. The bottom side of Filt is made of a water repellent polyester, which allows you to picnic almost anywhere. The top side is a 260 gram per square meter soft anti-pilling polarfleece. Filt is also big enough to lie down on.

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New product coming later in 2015.

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Massör has been developed to increase the well-being of body and soul by reducing muscular tensions and stimulating the blood floow. Massör is Swedish for masseur and gives an effective massage and activate reflex points, Use  Massör on your neck and shoulders , back and under your feet.

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Lugnet gives exercise, help you relax, unwind and find renewed energy. Just reach for lugnet in times of stress or craving for nicotine. The unique rubber texture of Lugnet increases the circulation of the blood, and a feeling of well-being and calm spreads through the body. Lugnet is also a healthy work out for the fingures and the wrist.




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